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Welcome to Shopify Workshops

Workshops provide a guided, tutorial, hands-on coding experience. Most workshops will step you through the process of building an application, theme, or function.

Creating custom Shopify Checkout experiences with Checkout UI extensions

55 min

Learn how to extend your Shopify checkout experience by adding a custom field to checkout with Checkout UI extensions.


Use Rust to create a Shopify Discount Function

50 min

Get familiar with Shopify Functions by creating a volume based discount, written in Rust.


Create your first Shopify App!

35 min

Learn about Shopify's app development process by following along and creating your first Shopify app.


Learn how to call the GraphQL Admin API

40 min

Get started with the Admin API by making GraphQL queries and mutations.


Getting started with Liquid and Theme Sections

45 min

Make customizations to Shopify themes using Liquid and create a new custom content section.


Create, render, and automate tasks with Metafields

45 min

Learn how to use metafields to create and render information and leverage Shopify Flow to automate tasks.


Improve your online store performance with Liquid

42 min

Cover effective ways to improve your online store's performance by leveraging Liquid, Shopify's templating language.


Setup your Shopify Account, CLI, and Store

35 min

Get everything you need to develop on Shopify set up and ready to go.


Streamline Bulk Mutations

30 min

Learn how to streamline any bulk mutation process by following along this bulk product import example.


Building a Custom Section

60 min

Extend an existing theme with custom functionality using a new section.


Usage Billing with the Shopify Billing API

35 min

Implement usage based billing using the Billing API.


Creating a video section for Shopify Themes

30 min

Learn about the different approaches to add video functionality to themes with flexible section settings.